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In general the Data Protection Declariation of the TU Dresden Link -> is valid except the following changes and extentions:

We are not responsible for the content of the linked internet presences of our web sites. Despite of carefully chosing these sites we cannot control their content and do not have any influence to their content.

Responsible for the content of these web pages:

PD Dr.Jürgen Henniger
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Director of the Institute:

Prof. Kobel

Declaration of Protection of Data Privacy

All recorded data of the internet presence at the domains "asp.tu-dresden", "" and "" are treated according to the data privacy fundamentals. The the data is protected for the access of third persons. It will not be given to other persons, institutions or companies.

With reference to the general internet presence:
For statistical reasons some data of the visitors are recorded. This includes the IP-address, the used Browser, the operating system and the used language.. For more than 24 hours these data is only recorded seperately. After this time no connection between e.g. IP address and operational system can be found.

With reference to the registration for radiation protection courses:
For identification of the person making the binding registration data of the person is recorded. All this data is included in the automatic response email sent to the registering person.

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